Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Freebies

Free Phone Call From Santa: Receive a phone call from Santa. Have the kids around when you fill out the information. The phone call comes within a few minutes. It is adorable. We got our phone call this morning-in fact I let the answering machine get it so I could play it over and over. Get your free phone call Here.

Regards Santa Claus: Receive a personal letter and video (in your email) from Santa with a video of him checking if your child has been nice. The list also includes your child's photo and up to three things Santa could have seen your child doing well (nice.) In our home, Santa saw our 7 month old, Lucianna, go to bed early and sleep late for mom and dad. Get it Here.

GPS Santa: Track Santa as he visits around the world on Christmas Eve. Currently there is a count down until Santa comes to our home. Get it Here

Santa/Elf Cartoon Movie Staring your Child: Here is Lucianna's video. Yes I left my child's name as undefined. That was my mistake. They started asking me for personal stuff (namely my cell phone number) so I closed the window. I guess if you at least do the information up front (before they get to your personal information) you are good. You can create your video at the bottom of Lucianna's or get yours Here. FYI: There also is a pop up advertisement but just close it.

Elf ID Card: Get a free Elf Idea Card Here. Simply Adorable.

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