Monday, December 22, 2008

CVS American Express Deal

At CVS this week, if you buy 3 $25 American Express Gift Cards, you get $10 ECBS. Here is how you can make money off this offer (if you keep the American Express Gift Cards for yourself.)

1) Buy 3 American Express Gift Cards (each card for $25.)

2) Use at any retailer that accepts AMEX or use as gifts.

3) BUMMER: There is an activation fee of $3.95 per card x (3) = $11.85 - $10.00 ECB= $1.85 out of pocket.

3) MONEYMAKER: Go Here and print a $15 American Express Gas Card Rebate.

Results in a profit of $13.15.

This rebate qualifies for purchases made until 12/31/08 and must be submitted before 1/22/09.

PS I have used American Express Gift cards. You use them just like credit cards. The only problem is when they get down to a few pennies/dollars, your purchase can not be more than a few pennies/dollars unless you pay your transaction with cash first.

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