Monday, December 29, 2008

Walgreens Robitussin/Dimetap Deal

The Walgreens deal this week on Robitussin/Dimetapp is as follows
Buy $20 worth of product get $10 in RRs. Buy $10 worth of product get $5 in RRs.

What is really happening is when you buy $20, the catalina machine is counting you as having purchased $20 and $10 twice...thus what is printing out is one $10 RR and two $5 RR-or $20 in RRs for $20 worth of product (FREE after RRs, or MONEYMAKER after coupons.) I actually made $13.

Hurry now before they catch their mistake. Coupons for the coupons are located here.

$2 Robitussin printable
$2 Dimetapp printable
Check your fliers, there are also many $1 coupons out there from the Sunday papers.

If you have printed these, see if you can go some where else to print them again. This is a great moneymaker. Also, you can combine the Robitussin and Dimetapp coupons.

*These are actually THREE different offers that are running at the same time.
The first one is get $5 in RRs when you buy three Wyeth products. This one ends 12/31/08.
Then get $5 in RRs when you buy $10 in products. This offer ends 1/31/09.
Finally, get $10 in RRs when you buy $20 in products, ends 1/31/09.
Thanks Thrifty Florida Mama

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