Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Computer Box Arrived

I mentioned I will be without my computer for the next couple weeks. Well the box for the repair arrived today. I will have to ship it off to who knows where and will be without a home computer for some time. I was hoping to get the CVS and Walgreens lists in, but that doesn't look likely. The quicker I ship it out, the quicker it comes back. So this is most likely the last post. I am already making phone calls for a borrowed computer and I am going to post at least the Walgreens and CVS lists (I will go to the public library if I have to)...until then, see you later!

PS While I see many new friends on my blog, and I REALLY hope not to loose you, I am excited to get some things clean around the house. My pantry and coat/gift wrap closet. Pleasee keep checking back, because like I said, I will find a way to post. I am putting in the phone calls already for a borrowed computer.

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