Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kids Consignment / Thrift Stores

Oh geez....look at this article on the Los Angeles Times. It appears our children's consignment stores could be in trouble. This is going to hurt the thrift stores, our pocketbooks, and the economy. I believe in recalling suspicious lead items (for example my daughter's bedroom furniture which was recalled last week for lead paint)...but must we really go this far...testing items just for the possibility of lead? I agree if it looks suspicious or there has been an "incident" with a child we need to take measures but this article concerns me...not for the lead, but for the cost of it and the ripples of effects the rest of American families will feel. Since when can the government tell us what we can and can not buy when it comes to harmless toy/clothing items. I guess it is off to buying $50 onesies our children will outgrow in a matter of weeks.

Baby Cheapskate is the one who let me know about this. Here are her two blog posts.
Post 1
Post 2

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