Monday, January 12, 2009

Missing Coupons?

I got a couple emails today about missing coupons. Our coupon area (Tallahassee) gets a poor selection of the national coupons put out on Sunday. I used to erase these deals from the blog shopping list (when the Tallahassee area did not get them) but now that I have people reading my blog in major cities and other states, I am no longer erasing these deals. Just keep in mind, you don't find a coupon in a Sunday paper, it doesn't mean it is might just mean your town/city did not get that coupon. It can not hurt to check with a friend and see if they got it....and if you want better coupons, well move to a major city!
I will do a post in the future on where you can buy coupons....yep, buy coupons.

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