Thursday, January 8, 2009

Photo Works - FREE Personalize Photo Clutch Book

Okay, I know you guys have seen it over and photo book but it was so quick and easy (maybe because my photos are all already uploaded to their site.)

Here is one more opportunity. Use the coupon code GIFT4YOU (I used this one) or BOOKGIFT at (Offer expires 1/15/09)

I have been a BIG fan of photoworks for a couple years now. If you saw my daugther's birth annoucement, they are $2.40 (?) per card and I got them for $50 (all 100 of them!)

Photoworks HAD (I think it is gone now) a monthly photo contest. Sal and I won with some Greece, pregnancy, and baby photos. The gift cards we won (some worth $100, some worth $50) continue to pay for our orders today.

It is a bit more expensive than the rest (Kodak, Snapfish, etc) but if those photo contests come back, you might find yourself with a new Cannon camera (yes they had those) or with not paying for photos again (at least for awhile.)

Two days ago on the phone I POLITELY told them I would not use them again or recommend them...guess that wasn't true. I was just upset about my lost Christmas photos.

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