Thursday, January 8, 2009


What is a MONEYMAKER? MONEYMAKERS are so great, I put them in caps, often. You are being paid to take a product from the store. When something is a moneymaker, you purchase them item no matter what (regardless of it if you want it or not.) I went home with two just for men hair care two months in the Fall. My girlfriend has an extra Bald Guyz (both her and her husband have a full head of hair.) If you don't want it, you donate it.

There are two types of MONEYMAKERS

Type 1-The easiest type
The first type of moneymaker is the type where the additional money comes of your bill.
For example: If Colgate is on sale for $2 and I have a $3 coupon, an additional $1 comes off my final bill.

Example Transaction with MONEYMAKER
Milk $4
Colgate $2
Gum $1
Total: $4 (7 - $3 Colgate coupon)
You have made an additional $1 off your transaction!

Example Transaction without MONEYMAKER
Lets pretend understand I have 20 tubes of toothpaste at home and I couldn't possibly use one more.
Milk $4
Gum $1
Total: $5 ( I pay more to not get the extra Colgate and use the coupon)
This example shows you why you donate when it is a moneymaker

Type 2-Easy but requires some extra steps
These are my favorite and the larger MONEYMAKERS. These moneymakers are not often done because they require extra time or an extra step. These type of moneymakers are called Rebates. Often times the consumer is lazy forgetful and the manufacturers know it is true, manufacturers loose money when you can get something free after rebate, but they bank of the fact that many Americans will buy a product with the intention to send in the rebate and they just "forget." For this fact, I get rebates done as soon as I get them.

Example Transaction with Rebate
Facial Moisturizer $8 (I really don't need it but wait and see....)
Nail Polish $3
Total $7 ($11 - $4 coupon on moisturizer)
Okay, so let's say I have a MIR (mail in rebate) on the moisturizer for full price. I will fill out my form, mail in my receipt and upc code (bar code on the side of the box.) I list these three things because those are usually the things involved in a rebate. So in the mail I get $8 (in the form of a check) for a purchase that cost me $7. With this example transaction, I was able to get a free nail polish and make a $1.

Walgreens has some great montly rebates. (I will post on that later.) The great thing about Walgreens rebates is you can do it online! Not only can you do it online, but if you get your rebate in the form of a Walgreens gift card, then you make an additional 10% on your rebate. Again, more on that later.

In addition to these Rebate type of moneymakers, I keep a spreadsheet on Excel with the place I send the rebate to, the price I expect back, and any other important information I might need if I am missing a rebate. If this is too much for you, make an extra copy of the form and file it in a manilla folder/envelope or try This website will track your rebate for you. You need to be careful on MIR (mail in rebates) because if you forget something, it is "impossible" to track it down and get the stuff you mailed back.

Happy Shopping!

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