Wednesday, February 25, 2009

$5 Coupon for Glucerna Cereal

I am excited about this next coupon. Get an "up to $5" coupon for Glucerna cereal Here. It is reported these cereals are priced as low as $3 in some stores (that means you COULD make $2 buying a cereal to donate to someone with diabetes. You might now, though). As always, use the back arrow button a couple times to print this coupon twice! Thank you so much, Money Saving Mom. Thanks, Susan for bringing the "up to" $5 to my attention.

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Susan Hackney said...

Thanks for all you do to bring all of us the great deals! I read every day and have saved a lot. I did want to let you know that the coupon is for up to $5. The only store in my part of the country that had the cereal was CVS. They wrote the cost of the cereal, even though there was no space to do that, and only gave me the cost of the cereal which was 4.59. I gave it to my Grandma and she liked it. So, I just got the second box for her too. But, it was still free, so that's great. I know she would never have spent that much for it.
Just didn't want you to count on the overage to get something else. I'm sure there are some stores (none in my area) that will just put the $5 in without checking the price, so if they do, you are super lucky. All of the stores that I go to here are scrutinizing every coupon, even my favorite cashier at Walgreen did yesterday...