Wednesday, February 11, 2009

...and the Walgreens Rumor Continues

If you are a reader you know I LOVE Walgreens. I spoke about Walgreens possibly loosing their ESR (Easy Saver Rebate) program Here. The rumors on the street continue to stir.

Today I read on Thrifty Florida Mama that the Easy Saver program will be done away with in April. In addition, Walgreens is hoping to beef up their Registar Rewards (RR) program (much like their compeitor store CVS's ECBs.) I have a feeling if there are more RRs going on there is going to have to be a loyalty cards (also much like CVS.) This will hold the customer accountable on limiting the amount of items they buy to receive RRs.

In addition if you return an item (without a receipt) you will have to get the lowest price of that item for that months sales (if you paid $12 for Huggies diapers but they were on sale the week before for $10, regardless of your payment, they will return them for $10 without a receipt.) This makes sense. Moral of the story, hold on to your receipts friends.

I personally thing this is going to hurt Walgreens already hurting business. Many people, myself included, love Walgreens because of their rebate program. All we can do it wait and see.

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