Friday, February 27, 2009


If you are new to MONEYMAKERS, rebates with coupons are always an easy way to do just that. Ensure has a rebate going on right now for their multipack. Get it Here. If you combine that rebate with this $3 off coupon Here you can make $3.

How does that work?
You buy Ensure for $9
You use your coupon for $3
You pay $6
You send in the rebate for $9 (they pay you the price before coupons)
You make $3

If you don't use Ensure, buy it and donate it!

You need to keep track of your rebates. I keep a running excel sheet of my rebates. I write down the item, the date I bought it, where I sent it, any phone numbers attached on the rebate form, and when I should expect the rebate by.

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