Saturday, March 28, 2009

Attitude of Gratitude Award!

Ginger at Attention Target Shoppers and Stephanie at The Coupon Game both nominated me for the Attitude of Gratitude Award. Thanks ladies! As a new kid on the block blog, I was honored to be recognized by two incredible experienced bloggers - both of which do amazing work and have such kind hearts. I am grateful for so much - all of which the good Lord has given me. As much as the unknown makes me uncomfortable, I have to say that the past months have been a bunch of unknowns for me and just knowing God is in control makes me feel all the more better and grateful. I am thankful that in this past year, I have grown to be a good steward of His money and have been able to give back to others (more than I ever imagined.) Sharing my knowledge and helping others brings me such delight (hello, I was am a teacher.) It is my sole purpose for blogging.
10 Blogs that Show an Attitude of Gratitude

1) Stephanie at The Coupon Game Stephanie is a sweetheart. I am so glad to have her as a fellow blogger and friend. Her site is filled with amazing finds (many of which she hits before the crowd.) She has a warm and genuine heart. Like she mentioned, it is so nice to have a friend/fellow blogger with like minded goals and spirit.
2) Ginger at Attention Target Shoppers No doubt that Ginger knows her Target deals! This precious mama has taken me on. Ginger has been a big support for myself in this new arena. She is a sweet and wonderful new friend and I thank her for all her support over the past month.
3) Sarah at Fiddledeedee Thank God for Sarah. I might still be swimming in a swarm of naivete if it were not for her help. Sarah is a blog I followed long before I even took on the adventure of blogging myself. It is wonderful to now have her as a dear, trusting, faith-filled friend.
4) Lori at Moms by Heart While I do not personally know Lori, I love her finds and HEART (you can tell so much about bloggers from their writings.) She has great finds and a passion and love for God which really draws me to reading her blog each day. Thank you, Lori, for all you do for myself and for your readers.
5) Chrissy and Kristen at BeCentsAble I thank these two lovely ladies for highlighting me on their stories of savings and struggles. Chrissy and Kristen have received a wonderful amount of positive press and praise due to their hardworking and original work. Good job, ladies. Thanks for inspiring me (and so many others.)
6) Darby at Fly Through My Window Darby is a personal friend. She has been a hit in the blogging community for her precious family, amazing crafts, and delightful recipes. I am envious of her sewing skills, mad kitchen creativity, and PERFECT hair bows for her little gals. I love reading what is going on in the home of Darby.
7) Christinia at Christina Higman Photography Another close and amazing friend, Christina's website highlights her amazing talent in photography. She is friend for almost 8 years and has personally taking photos of my family and little gal. If you are ever in Florida YOU MUST get this talented gal to do your family's photography. Let her website speak for itself!
8) Autumn at Mrs. Right Politics A close and wonderful friend, Autumn is the creator of the new website Mrs. Right Politics. While the name states her political stance, Autumn welcomes others viewpoints and thoughts in the political arena. She is open to a good discussion. Mentioned on Sean Hannity this week, this gal is only headed up.
9) Teale at Digi-Designs I am so grateful for Teale - she has completely revamped my blog to more than I could dream! Teale is an amazing hard worker. If it were not for Teale I would still be on that ugly orange blog. Each day when I sign into Frugal Coupon Living I thank God for the blessing of Teale and her amazing work. Make sure you visit Teale's blog so she can give your blog botox too!
10) Susy at Supergangas con Cupones - Susy a dear personal friend and I am so thankful for her. She has begun a couponing blog for all of the frugal spanish speaking couponers out there. I can imagine how confusing the terms of couponing can be to someone who is learning English. I can speak spanish a little and her blog was so over my head/vocabulary. I am so excited bout her blog because I know of no other Spanish couponing blogs out there. Good luck Susy!
The Rules of Accepting and Sharing this Award
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5. Share the love and link to this post and the person who nominated you for the award6. Tell us how you've come to have an attitude of gratitude


Ginger said...

Why Miss Ashley (in my best southern accent) I am so tickled to be recognized and re-awarded this award. I am delighted to be able to share anything I have learned and to support you in any way I can in this large virtual world we have learned to love (our blogs).

It is such an adventure when blogging. It is an even greater blessing to meet ladies such as yourself and to watch as God leads us around the blogosphere. I could have never imagined such wonderful new friends or experiences even a year ago.

Thanks again for your work, dedication and efforts. Please take care of yourself. It IS OKAY to take a day off.

Big hugs to you!

justusseven said...

Thank you so very much for your kind words of encouragement - you've made my day =) Lori

Autumn B. Thomson said...

Ashley, you have made my day! I really appreciate you so much since your skills really DO help people! Thank you for all you do!

Stephanie said...

You're too sweet to nominate me back. :) Two nominations in 1 week, I'm so honored! I'd like to thank the little people... jk