Friday, March 20, 2009

CVS / Walgreens List

I am half way done with the CVS and Walgreens List. I am actually on the road enjoying some time with my husband, baby, parents, and dogs at the beach....Happy 34th b-day, hubby and mom (they share the same b-day.)
Thanks for understanding they are a little behind. Don't worry, sales start Sunday!


Jackie said...


I was told today at my Walgreens that the IVC book coupons are manufacturer coupons and therefore cannot be combined with other manufacturer coupons. Apparently this was new starting March 1. I tried to use the 2 coupons for Sambucol (which I've come to love) and was accused of coupon fraud because it is 2 manufacturer's coupons for the same item AND it exceeded the value of the product. She said there have been a lot of problems because people weren't aware of the new rules. Only the walgreens weekly flier coupons can be combined. If you look closely, the IVC ones do say manufacturer. Darn!

Not a huge loss though, as my store was selling it for 11.99 anyway, and the 10.00 coupon still applied.

Cheryl said...

Ashley, I'm curious about how you know the sales already. Our ad comes in the Sunday paper. Are you seeing it online or something?

**Happy Birthday to your husband and mom!

Anonymous said...

I had some difficulty with the Sambucol coupon at my Walgreens in Maryland. They said the same thing, but when I pressed they took both the $10 and the $4 internet one. However, they did say they didn't like people coming in and getting bags full of stuff and only paying $1.25 for all of it.

Valerie said...

Cheryl, You can see the Walgreens ad ahead of time on

Cheryl said...

Thanks Valerie! Do you know where to see the CVS ad?

cksknitter said...

Here is Walgreen's coupon policy regarding stacking IVC's and moneymakers that I received in an e-mail directly from my Walgreens district office. As policies may vary, contact your local Walgreens district office and ask them to e-mail their coupon policy to you so you can bring it to the store with you when you shop.
Question 1. Can you stack easy saver coupons (IVC) and manufacturer coupons on an
Yes. The customer can use both the easy saver and the manufacturer's coupon as long as it doesn't take the item below zero.
Question 2. Can you use both a manufacturer coupon and a coupon from the weekly flyer ads on a item?
Yes. The customer can use both the walgreens coupons from our weekly ad and a manufacturer's coupon.
Question 3. IF you use any of the combinations listed above and the item ends up free, can you still use the coupons?
And if so, do you just adjust the price of the manufacturer coupon so you dont pay out?
Question 4. Your easy saver coupons (IVC) now say manufacturer coupons
only good at Walgreens. And before I believe they said Walgreens Coupons and so I
was told at one Walgreens I could not use a coupon out of the easy saver
catalog and a manufacturer coupon because they both said manufacturer.
Is this true?
No. You can use an EasySaver coupon and a manufacturer coupon together.
Question 5. If an item is on clearance and there is a coupon in the
easysaver catalog for that item and using it would make it free can you still
use the coupon from the easer saver catalog?
Question 6. Do you accept manufacturer internet printable coupons?
As long as the coupon follows the following guidelines.
1. The coupon must have a bar code and must scan at the register.
2. The item can never be free after coupon.

Frugal Coupon Living said...

The manager today told me the weekly flier ad was ringing up as a MFR coupon but both scanned. Not sure why. Nothing at the top says MFR coupon.

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Jackie, I just saw your comment. Hmm, maybe Walgreens is doing away with the combination of coupons - that would be awful! I did have a manger ring me up today who DID let me do it. We will have to see in time.