Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dove Deals - CVS vs Walgreens

Both Walgreens and CVS are running great Dove deals this week. You can read the CVS Dove Deals Here and the Walgreens Dove Deals Here.
Here is What I Did/Would Do:
Walgreens: I would buy 8 of the Dove Bars (around $1.35 - remember they are 25% off this week) and get back $8 in RRs. You should break almost even or spend a little bit of money.
CVS: What I did was buy the Dove Skin Vitalizer ($10) and a refill package ($5) I had a $3.75 coupon for the vitalizer and spent $11.25. I got back $5 ECBS which put me $6.25 oop. This was not the cheapest scenario but I used the Vitalizer tonight and was really pleased with my TREAT (since that was pretty expensive for couponing.) Your call, I am personally happy I made the purchase (I actually paid with ECBs) so I didn't technically have to spend cash - always a bonus.
You can get some good coupons at coupons.com (click my right side bar - pink box) to print the coupons.


Family of Faith said...

Just a quick note...I was at Walgreens last night and I had free time so I literally just walked the aisles and looked at all their LAST CHANCE deals. I got some amazing prices on things! One of the last things I grabbed was the Dove Skinvitalizer, which my Walgreens had marked down to $6.29 (I already purchased my Dove products at CVS). I used a $3.50 coupon and got the vitalizer for $2.79! I found another $3.75 coupon today so I am planning on going back to purchase another one tomorrow for even less. I had the idea to start saving things like that for holiday gift baskets. These will make great additions! :-)

Laura said...

I just came across the skinvitalizer coupon a little while ago and am planning on doing the same thing at CVS tomorrow. I'm glad to hear it's worth treating yourself to.

Anonymous said...

Hello, i just got back from Walgreens and purchased as followed:

5 of the Dove bars of soap, approx $1.32 each after 25% off

1 dove shampoo for $3.74 (after 25%off) + $1 off manf coup= $2.74

1 dove conditioner for 3.74 (after25%)+ 1.50 off manf coupon= 2.24!

1 dove deoterant for 2.24 (after25%)+ 1.25 manf coupon = 1.99!!

1 Lady stick deoterant for 1.99 (sale) + 1RR = .99!!!!


For some reason i got back 10RR for the 8 Dove products i bought, i was suppose tog et back 8RR, but no complaints from me!! Just wanted to share my savings, this is my second week trying this out and i am soo happy! Thank you soooo much Ashley!!

Sepmer Fi
USMC Family The Charettes

Frugal Coupon Living said...

wow, you guys are doing great! on the $10 RRs it will probably still running from last week. good job!

Mary said...

I have a general question with all due respect:

How much do you spend a month to "save" $1000 a month as you were quoted in the Eastside Chronicle?

NZ Julian said...

I was also surprised to get the 10 RR, so this was a little money maker for me. I bought 8 of the beauty bars which were on sale for $1.19, so my total (before tax) was $9.52. The $10 RR was a nice surprise since I was expecting only 8. I guess you could say I 'made' 48 cents ..or got a discount on tax.

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Mary, very easily. I save around 70% per month on my grocery items. This means I spend $300 - $500 a month. I do not use all these groeries so I donate a lot.

Mary said...

I'm afraid people are being led to lose money rather than save it. What do you mean you spend $300 a month and save $1000? Do you mean you save 70% of $1000? What do you give away? How can you afford to give it away? Doesn't the fact you can't use it cancel out your savings?

Frugal Coupon Living said...

If the deal is great (70% off or more) and it is less than a $1...I buy it - even if I do not need it. I want to use my gifts to help others, in my case my church pantry. I spend around $400 a month and have a savings of over $1000. I give away grocery items, health and beauty items, - you name it, if someone can use it, I donate it. You have to decide if couponing for you is loosing money or saving. In my case, I spending a fraction of what I spent in years past and bringing home tirple the product. Triple the prodcut that I cannot store in my house so I give it away. I could save even more if I didn't donate, but I like to help others out. Does this make better sense?

Mary said...

Dear FLC,
Your last explanation explains a lot because it shows me you are not saving money. Cut down to 1/3 of what you're buying and you may save, but be careful what you believe of store come-ons.

I recently bought some plates that had just appeared at Bealls because they are cute and we need them. Bealls says they were originally $10 each. I think to myself "$10 is 'list price' and everyone knows very few stores ever charge the whole of 'list price,'" but I buy them because they seem worth $6 each.

Look at the bottom line. You are being fooled by "list price." It's a gimmick.

Even though the receipt says I saved $4 times the of plates, I can't say I saved anything. And if I buy three extra and give them away, I'm definitely not saving my family anything. Why not buy less and give the money to your church pantry?

Frugal Coupon Living said...
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Frugal Coupon Living said...
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Frugal Coupon Living said...

Mary - I can see you are not a fan of the coupon system. This post was an example of a splurge(a treat) - I hope I made that clear in the explanation. I bought something for a little over $6 - calling that a treat for myself. The vitalizer actually went down to $.25 - $.5o a few weeks later - so I DID make a mistake when purchasing this the first time. I was, however, able to buy it again at this low price as stocking stuffers for my family. That was exciting to me because I really liked the product. Not all of my purchases are perfect but they save my family and amazing amount of money filling our pantry, cabinents and stomachs. I am HONESTLY telling you I bring MORE to my church pantry then I would if I were to give them the money I spent on the items I buy. This REALLY does work. I hope you will give it a try before you doubt. If the time, effort, and deals are not worth it to you then definitely stick to whatever works for your family

Frugal Coupon Mom - frugalcouponmom@gmail.com said...

Mary - take this scenario from this week...

Kellogg’s Cereal $10/3 (get $5 ECBs wyb 3) Limit 1
$1 printable (you can print twice)
$1 printable
= $.67 each after ECBs

Would it be better for me to donate these boxes of cereal to my pantry or $1.81?