Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Easy Bakeware Offer

I have had some complaints about the Easy Bakeware Offer. Apparently, when you sign up you are attached to some other "trial" memberships that were discussed in the fine print. Erica, wrote me about this today and another reader last week. If you did the Easy Bakeware Offer, call the numbers attached with your order and make sure you are not signed up for any trial offers - if so cancel them. It would be wise to watch the bank/credit card account that you paid for just in case trial memberships turn to full time memberships. I removed this offer from my site about a month ago but it still does pop up in my google ad sense as this is rotational advertisement.
Look at Christine's comment below, she appears to have it all figured out.


lizmcvey said...

Ashley, I just got back from Wal-greens and I must say that I am extremely upset. The lady who checked me out was rude during the entire transaction. She frowned at my coupons, said I was committing coupon fraud with my two shick razr coupons and wouldn't take my pepsi coupon that I printed from the internet. Since you have a lot of experience with Walgreens, is it not part of their policy to take walgreens AND MFG coupons or is it allowed? Needless to say, after the way I was treated, I left the store in a huff. I almost left my coupons behind! I am going to try another walgreens later today.

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Liz, what a terrible day. You ARE in the right...I posted on this very problem yesterday. Were you able to ask for a manager. PLEASE remind the cashier she is getting back (well her store is) for all the coupons you are using. Some people just like to play the police chief.

Christine said...

Hi Ashley,
I checked this offer out. So technically speaking the easybakeware item is free but shipping is something like $7.95. But their offer is that if you sign up for shipping becomes $1.

I signed up for and put down my credit card. If you cancel within 7 days will not charge you but if you don't cancel it becomes $14.95/month.

They also lure you in by saying that you get a Wal-Mart $25 gift card if you sign up for homesavingsmall and do a survey but at the time the survey is received your membership has to be active. They sent me a link and it didn't work. I just got led to a lot of advertisement links. Anyhow, I cancelled right away. is a store that sells gift cards at a discount. BUT if you read more of the legalese it says that the gift cards can be used at the discount (10%-30% off, depending on the store) only if you are currently a member of So if you cancel your membership and still have the gift cards I don't think you'll be able to use the gift cards at the discounted price.

Usually when there are free offers I look pretty closely. Especially for online offers there are alot of scams going on and fine print. It's a great lesson in always using our minds to keep on top of things.

Thanks for the post!

frugalmom07-maggie said...

Hey ashley,

Its me Maggie. you know i had the same experinced with Christine I just cancel them both before 7 days. It had 2 memebershaip club you need to join to get the offer for easy bakeware. i only pay 1$ for shipping and I got to freebies for 2 $. @days ago i got my 21 bakeware and one candle tart. It was cute. Mark your calendar as asheley said and cancel2 das in advance .What i did i cancel after I register .also ashley you know what I got te talahhassee democrat sunday but all the sunday newpapers dot have any coupon, i though tere is even one smart source. So I go bACK and return and chang eit to thomasville that had smart source only. Do you think this sunday talahhassee democrat had 3 inserts of coupons? Thank you
To Liz,
sometimes cashier are so rude...If they give u an attitude fight for yuor right and tey end up so embarrassed. I always fight for our right..sorry for what you encounter.

lizmcvey said...

Hey, Ashley! No, I didn't ask for the manager. I just left the store. I went to another Walgreens and the cashier there was exceptionally nice and had no problem taking my coupons. I saved 50%! I just won't go to that other location again. I plan on sending a complaint to the store, though. Thanks for your help!

Frenchie said...

When I took a screenshot of my order for the bakeware, I didn not capture a number by which to cancel anything...however I did not go with the $1 S&H offer, I just paid the $7.95. Am I still signed up for trial offers, and if so, does anyone have the number to call to cancel these offers?

Shealyn said...

The number to customer service is 1-800-544-1528