Monday, March 30, 2009

Fred Meyer - Tag Book Deal

Kymberly shared with me a great Fred Meyer Deal. I had to share it with you all as well.

B1G1 Tag Books (Leap Frog) $14.99
10% off Store Coupon for all Toys (in Sunday Paper)
$4 off Manufacturer Coupon

$14.99 Book
-$1.50 10% Store Discount
-$4.00 Manufacturer Coupon (was on the Leap Frog website and, there is also one in the P&G 3/1) - Kymberly, I wonder if you could have used this $4 coupon twice - you were getting 2 books!
= $9.49 For One Book
plus $0.00 for 2nd Tag Book (BOGO)
TOTAL = $4.75 each!
Kymberly writes "bought 8 books (2 books were on sale), and 2 packs of activity cards. My total bill before all coupons was $135.90. My total balance after the sale and all coupons was $40.65. This was a total savings of $95.25, and will provide us with Easter Gifts, Just Because Gifts, Birthday Gifts, and Christmas Gifts for the rest of the year if not more."
Good job, Kymberly!

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