Friday, March 20, 2009

FREE Thomas the Train Coupon

This coupon doesn't last long. Go Here to get a coupon for a FREE Thomas the Train Coupon at Toys R Us. This coupon is good March 21st - March 22nd. If you go tomorrow (between 12 and 2 p.m.) you can catch the Little People's 50th Birthday Party where you will enjoy coloring, story time and playtime. Your child will also receive a free little people DVD.


Jess said...

This was awesome! My husband and I went together, so we were able to get two trains! They are running out fast but totally worth a trip! We picked Percy (lights and sounds wooden train: 17.99) and Sir Handel (11.99)! These are our sons first trains and he fell asleep in the car hugging them! Thank! jessica

Jessica said...

My son LOVES Thomas the train and we certainly took advantage of this fantastic deal. We had a group of four of us and each got one. Thanks!!

Jessica G.

Lolo said...

I stopped and got 2 yesterday and am going to give them to a needy family. I got Thomas and Percy lights and sounds. But today i stopped back and thought maybe I could help out a couple more needy kids especially since there was not even tax due! But sadly they were all gone. :( I was surprised because they had tons yesterday and no one was in the store. In fact I had printed extra coupons to give to kids at the store and had trouble finding people. So I thought they would still be there today, but apparently word got out. Any way was a great deal and this will make some little child happy! :)