Monday, March 23, 2009

Gumdrop Pillow and Other Craft Projects

So many of my girlfriends are crafty with sewing...I just know how to save money. Below is a gumdrop pillow that my girlfriend, Devon, made for my daughter this weekend. It was a project we were supposed to do together so I could learn how to sew but at the last minute I told her to just go ahead and have fun doing it herself. You can get the gumdrop pillow pattern Here (Amy Butler Designs.)

In light of all those crafty sewing projects that you might be doing at home, I thought I would provide a link to some great craft websites and deals. Enjoy and happy sewing!
. Coupon Corner

40% Off RPI at (Code: DECA840)

Devon, this post goes to you and my little gals new gumdrop pillow! Thanks girl!

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Auto said...

I ordered this patten for the pillow and made it..........It came out wounderful only took me about 2 hours from start to finish. I think it is a wonderful idea to add crafts to your site. A note to fellow crafters.Joanns and Micheal do take competetors coupons. Also the price on are great and oirdering was easy
Happy crafting
Auto from FLA.