Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How Do I Grab Your Button?

Directions to Grab My Button for Your Blog:
1) Highlight and copy the html code located below my square patch (my button) on the right column of my website – this code is located in a scroll window. To copy, highlight the code with your mouse, right click and select copy.
2) Sign into your blog, go to the customize option (top right.)
3) Select the layout tab and then select add gadget.
4) A window will pop up and select the html/java script option.
5) Paste the code you copied earlier.
6) Select save on the pop up window box.
7) Again, select save on your layout.
8) View your blog, a button with a link to Frugal Coupon Living should be on your site.


scmomluvstosave!! said...

I just added your button to my page!! Have a wonderful Day!

Nysewanders said...

I'm adding your button to my page: nysewanders.blogspot.com

I like the simply chic folders... this is fun!

t42180w said...

I have added your button...
I really like the simply chic folders

Anonymous said...

Adding it to my facebook. If I win I would chose the whimsical flower. xrayajudd@aol.com

Christie said...

I have added your button to my page. I like the Eye Candy Pattern. Email at creinhardt@bellsouth.net. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

All are so nice, whimsical flower will be peachy. heathercolglazier@hotmail.com

Added to my facebook!

Sarah said...

I added your button to my blog:
My email is snmcneill@yahoo.com and I choose eye candy

Burnetts said...

The one that I choose is eye candy
I added your button to my blog: http://kendallwendykids.blogspot.com
My email is wenlwb@comcast.net

Lisa said...

Added your button!!! I like Eye Candy!!!

pati said...

Your Button is added to my Blog; I love the simply Chic and your story of your aunt and her ancient coupon that still worked! Thank you so much for all of these money saving ideas! I am teaching my Ohio friends and family as-well. Here is my link: http://patikorea.blogspot.com/ and my contact email is: misspatu@sbcglobal.net

God Bless You!

Sarah said...

All buttoned up!! love the simply chic!! email is floaturboat3@msn.com http://floaturboatrights84.blogspot.com/ is my site! Thanx for all you do you rock!!

Melissa said...

I have added your button to my MySpace page. Love the new site. there is the link http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=173328636
I really like Eye Candy my email is missyfrancis@gmail.com Thank you

Ann said...

I've added your button! http://web.me.com/annwinsness/Site_2/Welcome_.html
I'd like the Eye Candy! Thanks!


Sweet T said...

I added Your button which is too cute!! If chosen I would love any, but my favorite is Eye Candy.

Sweet T said...

You can delete my entry right above this one because I forgot to put my link:


Eye Candy is my fave!!

pluck28 said...

I've added your button to my blog: http://pluck28.blogspot.com/

I really like the Eye Candy design. My email is lilyluu22@hotmail.com.

thanks and have a great day!

Ginger said...

I grabbed your button and posted it. Since I use a scroller it was too large. I resized and hosted it from my photobucket account. I needed a 125x125 for it to fit on the scroller.

Looks good over here and looks good on my site too. http://attentiontargetshoppers.com

I know you have done a lot of work. Do pause and take care of yourself properly. It is AOK to take a day off and focus on you.


Christy said...

I've add your button to my newly created blog!
I like Simply Chic. Thank you!
My email is airheart50@yahoo.com

Amy said...

Hi! Just saw you on Dr. Phil (I'm a little behind on watching DVRd shows!), and I love your ideas and site! I would choose Eye Candy, and my email address is greeneglitter@gmail.com. Thanks so much!

Allison said...

I just added your button to my blog!!
I love your site!!