Friday, March 27, 2009

How To MAKE Money When Shopping Online

There are two companies I use when I know I am about to buy something online: Cashbaq or Ebates. Both sites redirect you to the website where you want to shop (Old Navy, Target, Kodax, Gap, etc.)
Both website offer you a percentage back of your purchase. For example if you spend $20 at Kodax Easy Gallery, today you get back 12% from Ebates. So you would $20 but get back $2.40 just for traveling through thier site (ever penny matters.) Just for signing up you get $5 added to your account (on both sites.)
You are welcome to click the site names above/icons below to give me referral credit or go straight to the site yourself. Signing up for these great programs can never hurt. I highly recommend it.


Kristin said...

I love ebates! And if you use a cash rewards credit card while doing the shopping, you can get even more money back.

E.B. Spider said...

Bank of America does something similar now. It's called Add it Up. They give you "cash back" for purchases you make through their Add it Up website. You have to use your Bank of America Credit or Check card though.


frugalmom07-maggie said...

ebates good deal...for gevalia caffe..its 14.99$ but if you go to ebates and then go to gevalia website they give you 5 $ isnt is great? So I end up paying 10$ for gevalia coffe maker worth 100 plus plus 2 bag of coffe.Great..