Friday, March 27, 2009

They Are Not Antiques...

They are not antiques...they are roll over minutes coupons without an expiration date.
Have you seen this commercial on TV? It always makes me chuckle because I can definitely relate to that mother.

When my dad showed me a stash of "antique" coupons my mom had kept (at least 20 years old), that offered no expiration date, they reminded me of this commercial.
"They're not antiques, they are coupons without an expiration date!"


Cheryl said...

I guess couponing really does run in your veins, Ashley!

Pamela said...

I have a few of the "no expiration" coupons and also found a couple at my dad's house when we were cleaning it out after he died.

Although the value of them are no high value coupons, at least I know I can use them when I have no other coupon that will work.

Have a wonderful day.

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