Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Toys R Us Lego Deal

Toys R Us has a nice little Lego deal going on right now. If you buy more than $30 of Legos, you get a FREE 221 piece Lego Tub. There are some Lego prodcuts for $30.99 or you can combine items to equal a little over $30. Today only (March 24th) you can use the promo code Twitterdeal24 to get $10/$30. The code expires at 10 p.m (not sure what time zone.) The FREE Lego Tub shold automatically be added to your cart after you spend over $30 in Legos.
Make sure to go to the Toys R Us website via Cashbaq Here to get an additional 2% cash back (if you have not used Cashbaq before you get $5 just for signing up!)
Using Cashbaq, the promo code, and the Toys R Us deal you should get around $47 worth of Legos for about $20.

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