Monday, March 2, 2009

Viewers/Readers Questions Take II

How long does it take you to shop?
For grocery shopping it generally takes me 30-45 minutes. This is because I don't browse. I have my list organized, and my coupons cut. I know exactly what I need. I also tend to shop when my husband can take care of the baby. Pharmacy stores take me 20 minutes. I take the baby.

How long does it take you to check out?
This takes time. On a big bill maybe 15 minutes. I apologize to the person behind me, but they are always amazed to see my bill. I sometimes tell them I might be awhile as I have a lot of coupons. Kindness always gets you far. I actually shop during the most busiest time of the week - Sunday afternoon. I do not recommend it unless you need someone to watch over the kids (which is my story.)

Do stores take expired coupons?
Stores get credit for expired coupons up to 6 months after it has expired, but THEY DO NOT take expired coupons unless you are a military family. In the case of a military family, I am not sure if you have to shop at a certain location - perhaps at grocery locations on base. You can send your expired coupons to APO addresses so that you are helping a military family. You can read where to send them Here.

Have you had trouble with printed coupons?
No I have not. Target sometimes will only take ONE printed coupon of each type. If you are having trouble, I would take to the manager. If that doesn't work, call the coporate office. You can see a list of corporate office numbers and contact information Here.


Let Tracy Help You Achieve Your Goals and Dreams! said...

WOW! I am amazed at the money one can save just by using their scissors!!! LOL God bless you for helping people see the importance and simplicity in this!

tammy said...

I live in Carleton Place, Ontario and the store called Price Choppers does not accept computer printed coupons. I have tried and they even put a notice on their doors stating so.

Stephanie said...

If you shop at Food Lion (VA, TN, NC, SC, MD, etc), be aware that SOME stores will not take coupons from Instead, you need to print the coupons off of their website ( It's the same coupons offered on, it just has their logo in the corner so they know someone hasn't hacked into the site.