Monday, March 2, 2009

Viewers/Readers Questions Take III

Why the binder?
The binder is simply for organization. I do not want all my coupons laying around. I get the Sunday inserts, I put the date of the insert on the front (the date I received the insert in the paper) I hole punch it and put it away. I only go to this binder when a shopping lists tells me go to your SS 1/4 to get your $1 off Clorox coupon. Inside my binder I find my smart source insert for January 4th and cut the $1 off Clorox coupon.

What do I take into the store?
Before I go shopping, I cut the coupons I need from my binder or print them from the Internet. I put the coupons I need in the envelope marked with the stores name. If I have coupons for my Walmart shopping list, I put the coupons in my Walmart envelope and only bring in my Walmart envelope (coupons are already cut) and my shopping list. The bulk stays in the car.

What do you keep in the car?
I keep ALL of my coupons in the car. This way if I need to stop by a store (unplanned) I have my envelopes, binder, accordion folder. These all stay in a bag for portability.

How many coupons can you print?
Most website only allow you to print 2 coupons of each type. You can use the back arrow (top left) of your Internet browser to print a second coupon after the first printed. Sometimes you have to press the back arrow button a couple times.

Is the ink/printer paper worth it?
I get my ink refilled at Walgreens for a reduction of the cost. Often the ink goes on sale or has a coupon in the Walgreens flier...great, huh? I also stockpiled on computer paper when I had a great HP coupon last year. This coupon opened in adobe and allowed me to print multiple copies. I loaded up on computer paper for about 75% off. Coupons for paper and ink do exist, but they come out few and far in between. These are great items to stockpile on.

Is it better to shop at a warehouse?
It depends on who you ask. I am not a member of a warehouse but I am willing to visit. I find I stockpile and save more in places I can use coupons. Friends I have swear by warehouses for their meats. I can understand this. You have decide what your family gets at warehouses, start shopping at other places and decide what is best for your family. In my family's case we get so much for FREE to CHEAP that warehouses would do nothing for us (just to get a membership for meat.)

Can you tell me about Store Brand vs Manufacturer Brand?
Manufacturer save more because manufacturers put out coupons. When I need something that does not have a sale and coupon combination, then I get generic. Get whatever is cheapest but I find I get the most expensive products for cheapest. It is true!

What is the coupon formula?
You CAN combine coupons. You CAN NOT combine manufacturer and manufacturer coupons. You CAN combine a store and manufacturer coupon...combined with a sale you get things for VERY cheap. The formula is combine with a sale, manufacturer, or store (or competitor) coupon. There sometimes is a missing link. That is okay. Save what you can.


Lauren said...

I just don't understand how you know which coupons are in which inserts in your binder. You said that you only go to the binder when your shopping list tells you to do so. What about when the coupon you need is a month back in your binder? How did you remember about a particular coupon from a month ago? Do you have a list somewhere of what product coupons were in which coupon insert?

Mick and Caitlin said...

So, I have a question about stock-piling. When you see a really good deal and only have one coupon, how do you stock-pile? Does one coupon work for multiple quantities of the sale item? Or do you always need multiple coupons? Also, you mention that the stores won't take double manufacturer coupon for the same item, however if I have two different manu. coupons for the same item, will they take that?