Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Viewers/Readers Questions Take IV

Thank you again for the many well wishes. I am excited to be assisting all of you. Below I have listed some more readers questions. I am sorry I can not respond to each person individually.
I hope these help!

How do I get the coupons I need but don't have? Buy them! Many of you mentioned you are in rural areas and you do not get good Sunday coupons, so buying them always. Buying the right coupon does still maximize your savings (even though you are "buying" a coupon.) This is great for getting coupons to stockpile. You can always subscribe to multiple copies of the newspaper or you can get a few extra copies of ones you like. The coupon clippers (click on the icon below is a great resource for buying coupons.) They have coupons for a fraction of the price and ship very quickly.
The Coupon Clippers

How do you know what coupons are in what inserts? I do hole punch coupons, put them in a binder and put the binder away. This is what works for me. There are many great resources that let you know where you can find coupons (that you have stored in your binder.) Hot Coupon World, A Full Cup, and Refund Cents are great resources I use. If I need a coupon for Herbal Essence shampoo, I go to one of these three sites and they help me locate what insert (and date) the coupon is in.

Where do I find your shopping lists? Is there a fee? There is no fee to my shopping lists. Each week I highlight four stores and link to other stores. You can find my shopping list for CVS, Walgreens, Publix and Albertsons (each store name is hyperlinked to this week's list.) Use the side labels to look of a grocery store that fits your area if one of these does not. You do not download my lists. Please highlight with your mouse, right click and copy the list, and paste it into your word document. You then have a shopping list for the store.

What about Canada? I have gotten a handful of emails from Canada. I started this website for my friends/family in Florida. I will be on the lookout as to how I can help but I came across this...Try Here?

Email addresses - don't you get spam? You will get a lot of "spam" for the offers you sign up for. It is always good to have a email account devoted solely to your frugal shopping.

Can I link to your site? As long as your material is family friendly and is represents Frugal Coupon Mom in a positive way, by all means, go ahead. Thank you for the link!

How do I get started? Slowly. I would get started building your binder (with inserts from the Sunday paper.) Realize you will not do it all at once. This will be a growth. Each week it will be easier, quicker and you will save more. You can read my post Here on how to organize your coupons. You can read my post Here about getting started with Walgreens and Here for getting started with CVS. Start by getting organized. Start with one store. Pat yourself on the back for any savings you do have. I also give tips to couponing Here.

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Danielle said...

Thank you for the information it will really help. I have another question though. I shop at Kroger in GA alot and I use various online coupon sites (pg&esaver,shortcuts.com)
to link the coupons to my Kroger plus card, so that I wont have to clip. Is this effective? Do you have any information about this?