Monday, March 16, 2009

Walgreens / Dove RR /Customer Service Update

Don't forget about the Walgreens / Dove RR deal Here. I mentioned in that post that it might be possible to get back RRs with trial sized items. Today the manager and I gave it a try and it actually does not work on trial sized items. Your best bet it to go with the Dove Beauty Bar soap (which is heavenly.)
Since I mentioned customer service in the previous post and knowing your stores (who likes couponers and who does not) let me tell you about the wonderful customer service experience I had at my local Walgreens today. First, I know this particular Walgreens if friendly and welcomes my coupons. The manager approached me today and asked me if I could give him a heads up of sales (he knows his sales but of what WE are buying) so he can go ahead and stock his shelves. While we were talking I asked him if our coupons upset him and he said no because the manufacturers ARE giving him back the money. He actually helped me check out and we tried the Dove deal, which we both discovered did not work with trial sizes. We continued to talk and I showed him the wonderful thing about stores who welcome couponers...we also buy things that are not matched with coupons. The two examples I showed him were my toilet paper and diapers. He got over $20 from me because I happened to be in this store (due to couponing) so I bought my toilet paper and diapers with him (using no coupons - great Walgreens sales, though.)
So over time, I have come to know those that work in the Walgreens stores and those that appreciate couponing. If your managers/cashiers truly understand the coupon process they will see that it is a win/win for everyone.
The managers win because we go in their store, use our coupons (which the manufacturers repay them for) and we also buy other items while we are in their store.
The manufacturers win because we are trying their products (often new products on the shelves) and are inclined to stay with their brand or stay with their product.
We win because we save money.
The community wins, because we bring home a lot more items for a lot less and are able to give back.

It is a win/win for all!


Jennifer said...

When I went into my Walgreen's last week I had a wonderful experience too. The cashier was impressed with all the money I saved ($50 saved just in coupons). I had the redbox code for the free rental with me, so I shared it with her, and she gave me a $1 register reward that no one wanted. So it was very nice all around.

Megan said...

I just have to say I love your positive outlook. In these difficult economic times . . . I'm trying to stay positive and reading your blog really helps due to your wonderful attitude. It's easy to get mad or upset if something doesn't go your way, but you make it easy to see that getting mad really doesn't solve anything and you can always go to another store or try again. :)

NewJenn372 said...

Has anyone had trouble with the internet coupons? I live in a small town and there's a "stigma" about internet coupons and my Superfresh store would not accept any of mine yesterday!?!?!? I'm scared to try them at Walgreen's!

Megan said...

Ok, so just to confirm another great shoping experience. I think my positive attitude (rubbed off on me from Ashley :o), affected my experience when I went in the Big Y Grocery store. I got 5 packages of meat (good sizes too), two large polar selter bottles, roll of paper towels, & two loaves of pepperidge farm bread - for $23! Wow I took this to a better level than I ever have before. I used Shady Brooks Farm turkey coupons on a 5/$20 purchase of meat. So I used coupons on the meat and got it for 5/$17!

Anyway, just had to share. Don't forget that there are coupons for meat out there.

Thank you for all you do Ashley,

Frugal Coupon Mom - said...

NewJenn - idea, call them and ask them. that way you don't have to worry about the embarrassment in the store.

Frugal Coupon Mom - said...

Megan...thanks. Your comment just made me apologize to my husband for snapping at him. Your positive comment made me chuckle as I wasn't being so positive then.
Thanks :)

Marin said...

My husband is a manager for Walgreens and I figure out the deals and pass them on to his employees. They get credit for the sales and they do get their money from the manufacturers. Many managers didn't see the diaper thing coming. I warned my husband and he didn't believe me. He had ordered some extra but not enough. He was able to pass it along to some of his manager friends and they amped up their orders. It is definitely a great idea to let your managers know what is out there beyond their store ads. It helps them help you. :) And if there is something you like, always ask if they can order more. They put orders in once a week. If you've missed their deadline, there is bound to be another store nearby that hasn't ordered yet! Happy bargain hunting!

Kerry said...

Is there a way to find Walgreens Coupon policy. I've always had good experiances at Walgreens but a friend of mine went in last week to get the Garnier Fructis shampoo and nothing else and they would not let her get it because her total was -.01. They would not adjust the manufacturer's coupon etc. I told her to make sure she buy's at least one small additional item in the future so this doesn't happen again, but I'm thinking their officail coupon policy would be good to know just in case. Thanks so much.