Saturday, March 7, 2009

Walgreens RR - Reminder

I know there are a lot of beginners hitting the Walgreens sales this week. A note about Register Rewards (RRs.)
This can be a little bit tricky to explain so read carefully.
When you use RRs on a purchase, you can not use RRs for item x to get the same item x...what does not mean? Let me use an example from this week below.
If I buy Right Guard for $2.99, I get back $2 RRs (totalling $.99 after RRs.) You can only get one type of each RR in a transaction. I could not buy 3 Right Guards and expect to get 3 $2 RRs in next transaction. I could, however, buy Right Guard in 3 separate transactions as Walgreens does not have a loyalty card.
If I use that $2 I got in RRs, I can not go and buy another Right Guard with that same RR because the $2 RRs will not print. I can use the Right Guard $2 RRs to buy another RR item just not the same item I got the RRs for. Make sense?
Finally, RRs will still print if you use a coupon. You can pay with RRs and still get RRs to print (just remember the rules above.)
P.S. There is always less trouble when you give the cashier your RRs (when you are using them as store money) before your coupons. I am not sure why.


xrayjenn said...

This comes in handy...I just got my first RR today at walgreens for the colgate toothpast, I never even knew walgreens had this, and I've shopped there for years. I enjoy your website very much!

Beth B said...

Thanks for the ink refill tip! I just filled 2 cartridges for $15 with a B1G1 coupon.
I received different info about the rewards program when I asked about it, though. They told me that I had to pay for a prescription club membership in order to get any discounts, which sounded like what you refer to as RR. Do you have any knowledge of this? Am I asking for the wrong thing?

Frugal Coupon Mom - said...

Beth, there is a reward plan called the Wcard. I have a post about this as well. We will talk about this perscription plan soon when they have a $25 giftcard for a perscription refill. You do not need to join the perscription club for RRs. There is not reward program (like CVS) at Walgreens. Everyone is welcome to RRs.

Cookiecrew said...

What are RR's? I how the heck do I start? Or Where do I start?! LOL Any help at all would be appreciated!! Thank you in advance! :-)

Frugal Coupon Mom - said...

This would be a great place to start. Let me know if you have more questions.

pennyscents said...

I was at Wags this week, and was told that I could not use RR and MC in the same order at all even if they were on different items. I was told that this was because you can only use 1 M/C at a time and not two. I would like to go ahead and leave my list of items that I purchases, and hopefully I can get some helpful feed back.
Bic Razor $4.99-$2MC-$1EZ-$2RR=Free
Bic Razor again (seperate transaction)
Skintimate $2.99-$2.99RR=Free
Skintimate again (seperate transaction)
Natural's chap stick $1.99-$1.99RR=Free
Gain Lauudry$11.99-$1MC-$3RR=$7.99
Hall's cough drops $1.39-$1MC=.39
Comet 2/$1 Wags Coupon
Energizer $5.99-$1MC=$4.99
Reynolds Foil .89-$1MC=Free +
One A day Drink packs $1.49-$1.49ESR=Free
Walitin 30pk. $6.99-$6.99ESR=Free
Coke bogo+2 Hershey's for .89
My ideas was to check out first with all of the things that I would get Register Rewards for. Except for the Bic Razor's because that was a limit of 1. I was then going to take everything else and do a 2nd checkout. I was told that if I did that I could not use any of my other MC's with my Register Rewards. The Manager kindly showed me the back of the RR where it says, "Cannot be combined with the same or any other offer", "limit one offer per purchase". So evern though I had RR's from purchasing Gain I could not use my Energizer MC and my RR's. The manager was very kind. I kindly explained to him that I have been following info. regarding this & that this is not how it is being done elsewhere. He told me that I could call 1-800-Walgreens. If I did I would get a hold of his D.M. Diane and that she would confirm the same info. He also told me that policies could be different for each state. This doesn't seem right to me, though. You would think that Walgreen's would have a general corporate policy. Am I doing something wrong? Should I have broken down my checkouts differently? This was my 2nd time doing Wags. I have never shopped at Wags for anything before learning about this. I left very frustrated, overwhelmed, and embarassed. I know this is really long. I could really use the help! I would really appreciate it too! Of course, when the time comes I will be there to teach others how to do this. Thanks everybody!

FrugalBlond1 said...


I think part of your problem is one I ran into today. I bought 2 items (the colgate and 1 box of puffs). I had a MFC for each, a Wags coupon for the puffs and 2 $1 register rewards.

The cash register accepted the Wags coupon, without a problem. However, it then only allowed me to use 2 other MFCs/RR. No matter what sequence the cashier input them, I could not use more MFC and RR than the number of items I had purchased. In other words, I bought 2 items, and could only use 2 "coupons".

Hope this helps a little. It was news to me, but in the fine print of a RR (which I looked at after your post) it does say the quantity of MFC and RR can not exceed the number of items purchased.