Friday, March 20, 2009

Where Do I Send Expired Coupons?

The time is approaching. It is the end of the month and a lot of coupons are expiring.
At the end of the month, I gather up my coupons (mostly the ones I have cut in my accordion folder) and I look at the coupons that are soon expiring. If they are expiring in a few weeks time (and they have yet to be attached to a sale) I weigh the value of them to my family 1) Does my family really need this product? 2) Is the value large enough that I want to use it now or wait for the next coupon to come out.
For those coupons that I choose not to use (like 95% of them), I send them to a military base. Our U.S. families that are stationed over seas are able to use them for UP TO 6 MONTHS past expiration date! Isn't that great? They also CAN take internet coupons as long has they have TWO barcodes on the coupon.
Go Here for a list of places for which you can send your expired coupons.


Sandra said...

I want to thank you for passing out this information. My husband was in the Marine Corps for 11 years and served two tours in Iraq. Anything we can do to support our military (some rediculous % - the last i heard it was 48% - who fall be the level of income required to receive government assitance).

Thanks again

katy said...

Thank you for this info!!! I have been saving my expired coupons knowing I could sent them to these families but didn't know where to send them! Yay!

scmomluvs2save!! said...

Thank you for this information..I have alot of coupons that will be exspireing at the end of this month.

Cadance said...

WOW!!! I had NO idea about this...and I always throw so many away at the end of each month...I will be sending them in now! Thank you for sharing this!!!! =)

Andrea said...

I shop at a commissary in Fort Knox, KY. It is sixty-three miles away from my home, so I only go once a month. Each time I visit, I leave every coupon that I do not plan to utilize, on the shelf next to the product. By the time patrons figure out what I am doing, usually by the second or third aisle, I have hoards of customers that shop for the products in my wake, never passing me, so they can take advantage of the coupon savings. One lady told me that she had been hospitalized for quite some time, and was trying to replace the perishable food that went to waste during her hospital stay. She had limited money and was able to purchase a few extra items with the money she saved utilizing the coupons I put out. Now my neighbor saves her coupons, my kids cut them up, and I sort and distribute them. It takes a little extra time, but when you realize what a difference you can make to so many people, in such a simple, cost-free act, it makes the effort all worth while. Every now and then, I even find a coupon to take advantage of,left behind by some other "coupon fairy".

freakincrazi said...

Thanks for the info...I had no idea this existed! Now I will never throw away another coupon.

weissrtc618 said...

Is there somewhere that we can send them in the U.S. where they can then be forwarded overseas or can we only send them directly to the bases? I'm happy to do either but was just curious. Thanks!

Frugal Coupon Living said...

it is a us are not paying overseas costs :)