Monday, April 6, 2009

$2 All Coupon - Today Only

Get a $2 coupon (today only 4/6) for All Small and Mighty Detergent. Get your coupon Here.


Carla said...

I have tried a couple times finding the $2.00 coupon with not luck. I only see the $1.00 coupon. any ideas??

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Carla, this is because they are out of the $ was good only on Monday. The $1 is still good!

Pam said...

I am 2 weeks new to your site and this coupon shopping, but had to share my experience with you about my recent trip to Walgreens after following your tips.
I purchased the Oust($2.99)using a $2 mfg and did my mir for $1, Glade Lasting Impressions kit ($5.99)$4.00 mfg and $2 mir, 2 Quanttro razors ($9.99)$4.00 coupon from the EasySaver catalog which doubled (to my surprise)to $8.00 off, a B1G1 for another $9.99 off and my own mfg for $4.00 and they took that one! I made $2.01 on the razors. I made a few other sale purchases and my bill before coupons was $46.48 - after coupons $7.93 - after mir's $4.93!! WOW! I was on cloud nine all day and I am loving this.
Thank you for all the hard work and long hours you put into this site. You are amazing.

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Thank you Pam!