Wednesday, April 1, 2009

All You Magazine - $18 for TWO YEARS!

This offer has ended!
Here is another AMAZING All You Deal!

Get 2 years of All You Magazine for $18.00 (plus tax)
Less than .80 cents an issue!
If ordered directly from the publisher it is $22 for 1 year!
If purchased at Wal-Mart it is $2.24 an issue!
This magazine is full of manufacturer coupons every month. Most coupons are higher dollar amounts than regular inserts. Each magazine usually has $30-$50 in total coupons savings inside! Remember, I have told you how this IS THE ONLY magazine I subscribe to.
To Order
1) Go Here.
2) Click on How to Purchase

3) Enter “Frugal Living” in the hostess name - notice, no coupon in the name.
4) Click on “Frugal Living."
5) Search for product 40776, click GO

6) Check out!

Do not click “Direct Ship” — Magazines are already sent directly to the person that orders.
Your order will show $19.95 plus tax.
**If you want to order via PayPal or Google, email Jenny and she can send you an invoice**
Your first magazine will arrive in 6-8 weeks.
For All You Frequently Asked Questions on your Order go Here. I also have some questions answered in the comments section of this post.
The order is for TWO mentions 12 months to let you know you receive a monthly issue each year.
During checkout the address you enter will be the address the where the magazine is shipped.
The discount is entered after they check out...the total will be $19.35 once Jenny hand enters each amount. Your credit card will be charged this amount. I know the order shows $21.35.


krice said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. I can't find where it shows it is for 2 years. Is it for 1 or 2 year subscription?

adymommy said...

Thanks for sharing! I am excited about this, I wanted to order through WalMart last week but couldn't actually afford it. However, it is hard to turn down 2 years at that price.

I also couldn't find where it says 2 years but I will take your word for it

Anonymous said...

I tried to order but when I clicked continue after putting in my credit card info, etc it just goes to an error page :-(

liketosave said...

Same here. I tried twice and got an error page.

Debbie said...

Did anyone else receive a runtime error when they hit submit on their order? I am not sure if I ordered or not now??

liketosave said...

I did. I hope I didn't order it because I did it twice :( But I did not get a confirmation e-mail either. So I think we're good. Still don't understand why this message keeps coming up.

Frugal Coupon Living said...

I will check on the error page ladies.
and IT IS two years, though it says one. Let me follow up with you all in a second.

Hilmarose said...

I can't find the "all you" All I see is "Southern Living At Home" :(

Frugal Coupon Living said...

All You Followup: 1) You are ordering through Southern Living At Home (this is like Pampered Chef, Tupperware, etc.) Thus the reason for seeing Southern Living At Home. 2) A complaint was put into the tech department at Soutern Living that you are experiencing these technical error problems - hopefully they are on that! 3) Yes, the issue is for 2 Years "The wording in the description is vague, apologies. It states that it is published 12 times a year to let you know to expect monthly issues. A 2 year subscription is the only subscription length that Southern Living offers. To see the subscription length in writing you can go and look in our current catalog on page 79."

Michelle "Missi" said...

No matter how I type in the hostess name (all in first, all in last, split)it never pops up with the hostess name.

Hilmarose said...

I had to type it out a couple times but I just did it and am having them contact me to arrange payment.... THANK YOU so very much!!!! This is an AWESOME deal.

Beth B said...

Will this work if it is a renewal? My subscription is up in November.

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Beth, It will as long as you register it with the same name and address - it will automatically extend your current subscription.

rabia said...

Hi there..
I know you asked us not to do direct ship, but it says that my magazine will ship to my hostess unless I do direct s hip in which case it comes to me. Can you please clarify??
Thanks! Love your blog! I even got my mom on it!

Sarah said...

I ordered the mag on the 1st and I asked that the consultant call me for security purposes. I have not heard from her at all and am starting to wonder if she even has my order (I do have an e-mail confirmation). Is this normal for them not to call for your payment information?


Katie said...

My total comes up with the magazine being 19.95 plus tax- you said it would be $18 plus tax. Is that right?

Kelly_9843 said...

Is it possible once you order to change your address? I want to order this but my house is on the market and am not sure if I should order it or not.

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Kelly, you should be fine with the address change. since you will forwar your mail you will get it for a month or two and just need to call the magazine and tell them you had a change in address.

Frugal Coupon Living said...

yes, katie. it should be 19.95 after tax

Frugal Coupon Living said...

rabia. no problem.
follow up in the frequently asked questions, my answer should be confirmed there. since it is a magazine subscription you do not need to put direct ship to you (or you pay extra.) say direct ship to hostess but it will still ship to your address.

Ame said...

Just tried to order and got a run time error - tried 3x. Is there a number we can call to place the order?

Ame said...

Nevermind, it went through this time!

BeccaCKyria said...

Awesome- thanks for the heads up on this! I have been wanting the magazine but it was too expensive before! I love this blog!

Mal said...

Am I doing something wrong here because the total comes up $21.35 after tax
40776 1 All You Personal Subscription $19.95
SUBTOTAL: $19.95
S & H: $0.00
TAXES: $1.40


I am not sure if I will be charged $19.95 or $21.35

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Mal I added this....The discount is entered after they check out...the total will be $19.35 once Jenny hand enters each amount. Your credit card will be charged this amount. I know the order shows $21.35. I did check on this. Jenny had to adjust EACH order.

Nancy said...

I hope this works also since when I ordered it said my magazine would be shippied to hostess..I'll either get it or someone will getting bunches of copies :)
Thanks for sharing this.

Sundey said...

Okay..I jumped on the bandwagon. It worked very easily for me. I can't wait to get it!

Anonymous said...

Can I still get this??? I have tried today and it will not work.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind, I had to literally click OK and Search.

Anonymous said...

I keep trying to order this and after I put in the hostess info and item number, the magazine comes up, however I do not see anywhere to check out or add to cart. What am I missing? I would really like to take advantage of this awesome deal. Thanks so much!

fresarefresco said...

when i type frugal living in the hostess name it doesn't recognize it. what do i need to do?

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Fresarefresco - this offer ended. I will post that.