Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bedtime Stories for $2

Hopefully you printed it. The DVD coupon is already gone. DVD coupons do not stay up long.
A fellow reader got Bedtime Stories for $2 - Below is how she did it!

Publix has Bedtime Stories for $20
Her scenerio was: $20 - $5 MFR Coupon Here - $5 rebate Here (buy 2 Ortega products) - $5 from the Publix Spring Savings flyer (green one at front of store) - $3 Walgreens Flier (competitor coupon) = $2.
You probably need to choice between the Publix or Walgreens coupon making it either $5 or $7 but not a bad deal! Good job, Carin!


Carin said...

I love your to viewing it. I was struck by the last word of your post..."CARIN". That's how I spell my name and I've never met anyone that spells it that way. Very cool! She must be very wonderful. :)

Julene said...

You may not be able to send in both rebates. Most Disney movies only come with 1 upc now. Just thought I would let you all know so you could look at the dvd before you buy all the stuff for both rebates. In Utah they all had 1 upc that I could find.