Wednesday, April 29, 2009 - Price Match

I told you earlier how I orderd from a couple days ago. Today, I got my items in the email (3 business days.) Since they have a great price match guarantee (see information Here) I decided to spend a bit of time doing an internet research for the same items I purchased. You know what I found!?! I saved $22 just by doing this. I found 3 items for cheaper at other locations (the big item I found for cheaper was the crib mattress.) I called and they gave me my money back...Best of all, the other places required a shipping cost and did not (because I spent over $49.)
I am sold! If you want to take advantage of a great deal - go Here.
P.S. They will price match BEFORE or AFTER you order.


jill said...

Thank you so much for letting us know about the deal at I ordered diapers over the weekend and still received them in two days! They ended up being cheaper than the Costco brand that we normally buy. I haven't filled out the rebate info yet, but hopefully that will all go smoothly. Thank you again!

momof3munchkins said...

A real cost saving investment is using cloth diapers. There have been huge changes in cloth in the past few years and really can be as easy as disposables! has a huge amount of info on all the options available and the money you can save. Plus they have a giveaway each Friday!

Hittingtheslopes said...

I thought with their price match, they factor in the shipping of the competitor (and they assume their is none for them/over 49.00). I would think with these factors, they would be the