Friday, April 3, 2009

Dish Network Offer

I DO speak from experience on this next offer from Dish Network. My husband and I switched to Dish in October of 2008. With the package we signed up for we got cable FREE for a year (and then will pay ONLY $30 a month after that - for a year.) We did our offer by combining Internet, cable and phone all through Embarq.
Dish has been amazing in our house. We have it located in 4 rooms, we can listen to Sirus radio off these channels, and it came with 2 DVR boxes (this allows us to record ANY program and watch it at ANY time.) The offers (below) are different than what we got it might be worth contacting the Dish Network to find out what works for you and your family.
Again, back in October, my husband and I called around on cell, phone, Internet, and cable services seeing every place we could save a penny. This one obviously made a significant improvement in our monthly expenses.
My advice, at least check around - the worse that could happen is you stay with all the plans you have and done save more than you are already saving.

Bronze Classic 100

New HD Channels

* Some people have complained about weather and satellite services. Our satellite has gone out twice (both times LESS THAN 2 minutes) due to Tropical Storm winds/weather (welcome to FL) - it adjusted and worked again almost immediately.

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