Monday, April 20, 2009

FREE Everyday Minerals Sample Makeup Kit

I ordered This FREE Everyday Minerals Sample Makeup Kit earlier this year - it is a lot like Bare Minerals. While the make up is only a sample, it definitely lasts a long time. You get to choose 3 foundations, one blush, and one concealer. While I ordered mine over 4 months ago, I still have a lot left (Note - I do not use it regularly as some days I am lucky if I even get makeup on!)

Get your FREE Kit Here. You do have to pay shipping ($3.13) but it is VERY WORTH IT!
Thanks for reminding me about this great offer, Shelley.


Coupon Kim said...

Thanks for this offer - I just went over and ordered mine!!

Christina said...,default,pd.html/?CMP=KNC-GPS-GC

Bare Esscentuals has a free sample too!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ashley and Christina!! I am excited and can't wait to get them.: )

Ashley said...

did any of you get charged twice??? did you get an order # or anything? I am trying to get this other charge taken off but it doesnt show an order # or anything...