Thursday, April 30, 2009

Frugal Coupon Living - Daily Emails

I have had a number of readers share with me that they are getting their emails a day late. The way Feedburner works is it compiles the previous day's posts and sends you the content I shared for that day in an early morning email. For example, everything I wrote on Monday, April 27th will arrive in your email inbox Tuesday, April 28th. This bothers some people when it comes to Redbox codes or one day only deals. I work hard to get the deals out to you BEFORE it is the last minute but some deals just come up at the last minute (like Redbox codes.) My advice is check the post each day (especially on Monday's if you want Redbox codes.) I hope, however, that 90% of the content reaches you in time (if you are an email only reader.) I subscribe by email to a number of websites, and there are always perks (not having to visit the website each day) but there are always cons (late content.)
Thanks for understanding.
If you are intersted in subscribing to emails, you can register on the right column of my blog (under the printable coupons.)

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