Thursday, April 23, 2009

Local Readers - Be Green With Your Clothes!

Have you tried consignment stores for your clothes or your kids clothes? Local readers have a great resource in our town call Kids/Fashion/Furniture Pointe. This is a store where you can "recycle" your family's clothes but at the same time buy a whole new product like furniture (which is the case for our local store.) From this store, I have gotten many personal things for our family - from maternity clothes to baby clothes. Some of the baby clothes I have come home with include Gap, Carters, Children's Place, and even a couple of smocked dresses!
How can you utilize stores like Fashion Pointe?
1) Sell your or your children's clothes - Kids/Fashion pointe pays cash!
2) Bring in a price comparison - Kids/Fashion pointe matches!
To get some great coupons emailed to your box - email

National Readers: Children's Consignment Stores You Might Have in your Area

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