Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Need Postage?

Postage goes up May 11 (from $.42 - $.44 for First Class Mail.) I would "stock up" on the Forever Stamps which are good for First Class Mail even after the newly increased postage prices. I made sure to pick up a couple books yesterday- especially because I often use stamps for rebates.


Tamara said...

Thank you for the reminder! Costco has a package of 100 for $41.75, which is .25 off the face value and will likely save you even more in the years to come!

Anonymous said...

Tamara~thanks for the info. I never thought about buying stamps at Costco....do you get them at the register or customer service?

Kelley Close said...

I've found them at Sam's Club, also. You pick up a cardboard cutout, pay for them, and then pick them up at the Customer Service counter (as you would for a lap top, printer, or video game).