Thursday, April 2, 2009

Old Navy Secret Website - THIS FRIDAY TOO!

Tomorrow, 4/3, Old Navy's Secret Website will be giving even more coupons away! The most valuable coupon this week is $45/$100...but next week the $75/$100 is back!
Visit Old Navy's Secret Website Here!
We don't know what time these lucky coupons/discounts come, so keep checking the website often! Keep hunting


Anonymous said...

can you tell me where to find the coupons that are hidden in the secret Old Navy website? I looked and cannot find them. thanks Love your site

Jeremy, Sarah, & Brayden said...

Just FYI -- they refreshed the site about 5 minutes before 3 am. :) I got a $45 of $100!! I seriously could not sleep because I kept refreshing the page waiting for the coupons! They had the site down from midnight on "hiding" the coupons. Thanks for everything you do. Even my husband is impressed with how much money I have been saving lately!

veronica said...

I have found a 50%off coupon! I cliked at the bottom of big picture where all the girls names are and after a bit you'll see an orange kite flying in the back of the girls, clik on it! There is also a 40%off if you clik on the bbq! :)

MelO said...

Thanks to Veronica I patiently waited for the tiny kite to fly by and now I have a 50% coupon. Am I able to use the 40% coupon and 50% coupon on the same transaction?? I doubt it, but thought I would ask.

Heather said...

I tried rating the girls first (turning all of the stars blue under every name) and I only had to wait 30 seconds before the kite came flying through. There's about 40,000+ 50% coupons left!