Saturday, April 18, 2009

Recipe - Punch with Crystal Light

Well the season is coming for some punch and light and fruity drinks. If you took advantage of the Publix sale this week you got Crystal Light for only $.67 (regularly priced almost $2.) Here is a light, summer recipe you could make to create a fruity punch.

1 sm. c. Crystal Light fruit punch (4 to a can)
2 (2 liter) bottles ginger ale
1/2 gallon raspberry sherbet

Mix in a punch bowl the Crystal Light and ginger ale. Keep chilled in refrigerator. When ready to serve, spoon the raspberry sherbet to cover. For lower calorie drink, use diet ginger ale.

This recipe is taken from Here. Whenever, I have extra "ingredients/stockpile" around the house I visit this site to see what I can create. Just by typing a couple of ingredients, they will show you some great recipes.
If you have a great budget friendly recipe to share, please send it my way. I would LOVE to share it with our readers.


Linda P. said...

Yum. Thanks for thinking of us and sharing. I check your site everyday to see what's new. You are always giving us great tips and coupons that we can print. Thank you so much. It has really helped since we are very strapped with this economy, and I am laid off. My thinking about coupons has changed completely. The grocery store I go to has double coupons up to and including $1 for the first 5 coupons if you spend $25 full price before they take off the sale prices. It has worked out wonderful. I usually spend about $8 and do 2 separate orders so I can double my coupons twice. Usually I try to get a free milk coupon that prints at the end of my order also because I buy the specials they have on cereal (also using coupons for each box, of course). Then when I get the free milk my next visit with the coupon, the full price of the milk counts towards my $25, even though I am paying $0. This week they have the free milk with the purchase of 4 Tomestone pizzas for $10. Do you know where I can find any coupons for Tomestone? I haven't seen those in the paper.

Frugal Coupon Living said...

I just did research. The only coupons out there are the ones you peel of the product. Sorry, Linda.

Linda P. said...

Thanks for checking anyway.

Janell said...

This sounds delicious for this summer. It would have been good for my wedding reception (color wise). Wish I had the recipe then.

Anonymous said...

Do you know of stores in Florida that double coupons? I saw you said that Publix in Florida tend not to. Thanks!

Frugal Coupon Living said...

Sarah J I do not have a list of what stores do an don't. I would just call your store or ask them when you are in.