Monday, April 27, 2009

Target Deals 4/26 - 5/2

Ginger at Attention Target Shoppers has put together a great list of Target deals this week.
Below are my top 5 picks - check out that incredible rebate offer!
PLEASE NOTE: It appears Target IS NOT a participater in this rebate.
Note from Ginger: Please pay particular attention to the rebate rules on this deal. Because it is a deal inside a deal, you'll need TWO original receipts. Please make sure that your cashier has that capability OR that customer service can pull up a copy to print for you. VIP since both deals require the original receipt and the DustBuster deal wants all the items on a single receipt.

America's Spring Cleaning DustBuster Mail In Rebate FORM - EXP 5/16/09

Buy any two (2):

Bounty (12 Giant or 12 Big Soft Rolls) - $14.00
- $1.00/1 in 4/5 PG
= $13.00
Charmin 30 Big Rolls, Tide (100 oz. or larger) - $14.00
-$1.00/1 in PG Brand Saver Booklet
= $13.00
Swiffer WetJet or Sweeper Vac (Starter Kit) $17.00
- $3.00/1 in PG Brand Saver Booklet
Try Me Free ($14.00 value)
= +$14.00 Money Maker
Tide® 100 oz. or larger - $17.99
- No Coupons
= Did not use for this deal.

...and receive a FREE Black & Decker DustBuster 7.2V by Mail-in offer. Qualifying purchases must be made on one original receipt. Official offer form and original receipt must be obtained from same participating store from one transaction. exp. 5/16/09 - valid up to $24.99

Spend $40.00 OOP
Receive the B&D DustBuster worth $24.99 and $14.00 TMF Rebate = $38.99
= $1.01 and still have the VAC, the, Swiffer, the Bounty and the Charmin!

More Weekly Deals
Vitaminwater (20 oz) - $1.00 ea
- $1.00/1 in 4/5 SS
Lysol Spray - $1.69
- $2.00/1 in 3/15 SS
= +$.31 moneymaker
Panteen Pro-V - $3.33 ea
- B2G1 Free in 3/15 PG
= $1.82 WYB 2
Johnson & Johnson Baby Toiletries - $2.99
- $.75/1 Target printable
- $1.00/1 Variety of printables HERE
= $1.24 ea

Thanks, Ginger. I AM SOO IMPRESSED with the rebate deal!
For more great Target deals or questions on Ginger list, visit Attention Target Shoppers.


Kristie said...

Hey Ashley!

This is an awesome rebate deal! Thanks for posting it :)

I just wanted to add for those that don't have the PG Brand Saver Booklet, there are also good coupons in the Home Made Simple Coupon Book you posted about recently. I received mine yesterday and it has $5.00 coupons for both the Swiffer WetJet and the Swiffer Vac Starter Kits :) Sweet.. looks like I'm making a Target run!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley,

This is an awesome rebate deal - thanks! One question, when I click to get the form, all I get is an information document - no form to fill out. Did I miss something? Thanks!

LindseyJo said...

Is the form something we have to get when we make the purchase at Target? Because the link is just the official rules.


sarah said...

i just got back from target they arent a participating retailer

Anonymous said...

If you call the toll free number on the rules, you can ask about participating retailers. I was told that Target, Walmart, and Walgreens were NOT participating, however ToysRUs and BabiesRUs ARE.

Tequilamama said...

That sucks! I just went to target and bought the requisite stuff--and now looks like I'll be returning it to go someplace i can actually get the offer!

Mary said...

I'm getting the money back guarante refund form not the rebate form.Is that right?

Tequilamama said...

Homeland is an auth store, not Target--so I'm returning my Target stuff and going to Homeland tonight.

Lisa said...
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Frugal Coupon Living said...

Remember ladies and gentlemen, let's keep comments positive and uplifting. My posts are created to help YOU save. I post what I find. Remember, with Target and some other stores I have guest blogs on here that post comments. If you have questiosn about the Target list (or any other posts where guests are contributing their research and time) please ask them questions at their blog. They will assist you best there.

Anonymous said...

I am in Georgia and called PG and they told me that Food Depot is a participating store for rebate and dust buster.

Anonymous said...

I just called PG and she told me this offer was closed and only for Babies R Us. I'm confused.