Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thanking Walgreens

Last week we thanked the company of our favorite product and a few weeks ago we thanked Publix for the competitor's coupon policy Here.
This week I am thanking Walgreens for their rebate program (Easy Saver Catalog) and their great sales/coupons. I REALIZE this rebate program is headed out the door but I am fearful both the company and us will not do as well if they don't have some sort of system for their loyal couponers. We are not going to change the canceling of their system but we might just remind them what we like/liked.
If you are interested in doing the same, email Walgreens your comments of praise Here.
Remember, companies hear complaints ALL THE TIME. Let's pat them on the back for the good work they do too. This store surely has allowed my family to save money due to their great coupons, sales, and rebates!
Thanks, Walgreens!


Anonymous said...

I was talking with a Walgreens associate the other day about their rebates being changed and she said that all it is is that they are going to do register rewards in place of the rebates and that they will be advertised in the flyers rather than having the monthly book. Anyone else hear that?

lilredpumpkin said...

I heard that the rebate forms will print from the Catalina when you purchase a rebate item. Then you either log on-line & claim or send them in. I don't know if there will be a way to know about rebates ahead of time or not.

I was also told that the IVCs may turn into more of the month long, unadvertised sale prices. (Used to be called "hot buys".) And/or they may just be printed in the weekly ad.

cksknitter said...

I took your suggestion and wrote a note of thanks to Walgreens. Great idea!

Anonymous said...

I lost a $10 ECB and called the store when I got I home and realized I lost it. Was pretty sure I left it in the cart when I was loading the kids in the car. The manager was the one who helped me with my cologne purchase and she remembered me. I explained what happened, so she looked in the carts, but they had all been brought in and all were empty. I asked if there was any way to get them back. She told me to come in and she would give them back to me.

Tiffany said...

Just wanted to share my thanks as well. . .I placed a comment on their website. Ashley. . .this is a great idea to give back to the companies that help us, even if it's only words.

In regards to Walgreen's, I did state in my comments to them, "I cannot express to you the value of being rewarded for shopping for the items our family needs at a place we can trust." I hope they continue with some version of the Register Rewards, if not the entire program.



Anonymous said...

Lil red pumpkin~ the sales associate told me the same thing this morning....that the rebates would print from the catalina and then you would mail in the rebate. But the lady was very uncertain of all the in's and outs of the program. She said she wished they did something like a walgreens card like supermarkets do.

Anonymous said...

Wags Return Warning: I purchased some items for a Lysol rebate together with Unilever rebate items. My mistake! I asked for a duplicate receipt as I realized and the cashier said that Wags can't print duplicate receipts. As the other customers were already sneering at me from all my coupons, I just decided to go. I returned 2 days later at a better time to return the Lysol items and buy them back, giving me the receipt I needed. The manager said Wags can't do that because I used coupons on the transaction and there was no way to tell which coupon went to which product. In my case I didn't think it should matter since I wanted to buy back the items. The manager basically told me you can't make a return if a coupon is on the receipt because they don't know if a coupon was used on the returned item or not. Is this new?

Frugal Coupon Living said...

LiPen5 I have done this before for the same reason. Go to another Walgreens. Tell them you want to return it, if they want, return it for full price and you will pay full price. I hate it when I do this!

Mara said...

Great idea! I just came across your blog tonight, and I like it a lot. I appreciate your attitude towards Walgreens - I think you're so right, they get so many complaints and it's very important to thank them for what they do for us. My family has benefitted tremendously from their ESR program!