Friday, April 10, 2009

Vista Prints - 500 Business Cards for $1.99

I just got my business cards in the mail and I couldn't be more excited. I am going to order another set at gift tags from my family.
Currently Vista Print has an offer - Buy 250 Business Cards for $1.99 (plus S&H), get 250 FREE. I paid for the 21 day shipping and I got my order in less than 10 days.
Why Would I Need Business Cards?
Gift Enclosure Cards
Tutoring Services
Babysitting Services
Pet Sitter Services
Moms Calling Cards - pass them out to the mom's of your children's new playmates (better than paper and pen)
Blog/Website Information
Leave the card in the restaurant bowls that have drawings for FREE lunches
Small/Large/Home Business
Nanny Services
Cleaning Services
...can you help me name more?
Get this great offer by clicking the link above or below.

500 Premium Business Cards only $1.99!

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