Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wal-Mart Deals 4/12 - 4/18

Fiddledeedee has some great ongoing deals this week at Wal-mart. Below are my top picks.

Betty Crocker Icing: $.88
$.55/1: HERE
= $.33
Glucerna Cereal: $3.96
$5/1: HERE
Muir Glen Tomatoes: $1.24
$1/1: *New Link* HERE (and HERE)
= $.24
Scott Bathroom Tissue (4 pk): $2.68
$1/1: HERE, HERE and HERE
= $1.68
YoPlus Yogurt (4 pack): $2.08
$1/1: HERE, HERE, and HERE
= $1.08

Thanks Sarah at Fiddledeedee. For more great deals visit her blog Here!


Kari said...

Hi Ashley,
I don'tknow if you have recd any other feedback about the glucerna coupon but my cashier told me it was fradulent, she had it documented from the manager not to accept because the address was not valid. FYI

Congrats on the baby. You are the best!

benderfsu said...

I had the same experience at Walmart with the coupon. They did not want to accept it but did not have an explanation. Glad to know why did they not take it now.

Shannon said...

Do different Walmart locations run different deals? Went to mine yesterday and the Betty Crocker Icing was $1.88 and they dont carry Muir Glen products. =( bummer

Anonymous said...

My walmart (WV) took my coupons. I used more than one at a time and took my total from $30 to $8. I also had other coupons for veggies. Even my husband was impressed. He's the diabetic just so you know. Thank you for all the tips.

Candi said...

I walked into Walmart two days ago and by the front door they had Colgate toothpaste on sale for $1.00 each. I pulled out my NEW handy coupon holder and had a $1.00 off of 1 coupon for Colgate! I got the toothpaste for FREE! I was so pleased... my hubby couldn't believe I did that. LOL
Thanks so much for helping show the way! Candi

Michelle L said...

How do you know a coupon is "fraudulent". It looks similar to all of the other coupons I've printed.I don't want to give stores frudulent coupons, but I am very distressed that my Wal-Mart wouldn't accept any of my printed coupons because using the same words I was told they could be "fraudulent". Does anyone know?

Frugal Coupon Living said...

I honestly do not know. Sometimes it appears in a forum on the internet and when that is the case I stop providing links to it.