Tuesday, April 28, 2009

WCTV - 4/27

The write up and video for yesterday's WCTV interview (Part 1 of 2) is located Here.
Originally, Sarah, Stephanie and I had taped at our local Publix grocery store but due to a computer glitch our material was lost and we each did a repeat interview yesterday morning. Boy can the news turn around quck!
Thanks, Stephanie Salvatore for all your hard work!


Hittingtheslopes said...

I just read it...I wish I could've seen it- always more interesting that way! I submitted a comment for approval (I LOVE cynical people! ;-) They must be miserable in their own life!). I hope it gets published! Thanks for ALL you do- we know it's alot of work!

Rachel said...

You can play it in the video that is to the right of the title of the article. Just click on the play button. I watched it! Great job!

CouponGal said...

That was really neat! Thats awesome that you were able to get the word out there for other people to be inspired!! :) Great job!

Anonymous said...

Very cool! When I tell people about using coupons, they don't trust that we are really saving money by doing it the way we do. It's almost too simple but they feel like it's a ton of work. I think it's great, I have learned a lot and we are saving so much money this way. Thanks for your dedication to helping us save money!

Frugal Coupon Mom - frugalcouponmom@gmail.com said...

A lot of people are skeptical and their anger/hatred comes through in comments. Thanks Hitting the Slopes for you nice note. I do think people realize how much we really do contribute to charity. I mention that EVERY interview and it always gets cut!