Monday, April 13, 2009

What if My Cashier Didn't Ring a Coupon?

I have had a couple of questions about this recently. One most recently today which I found ironic because the VERY thing happened to me today. I had two $.55 coupon and the cashier only rung one. I called the store and asked them what I should do. She said that next time I come into just bring my receipt to the front and let them know.
My advice to You
1) Don't look for missing coupons when you get home, do it in the car at the parking lot of the store you just were in. Remember, Staci's guest post Here.
2) If you do wait until you get home, call the store right away and ask them what you should do. Be willing to give your cashiers name (usually on the receipt) and the location of the register. This IS NOT to get them in trouble but to help the store locate your coupon.
3) Follow up with their directions.


Together We Save said...

I have also had this happen. Kroger in my area is great to correct the problem.

Angie.. said...

I had this happen at Kmart-when they was doing the double coupons-I had a 2.00 coupon and some how it was only takeing 1.39 off instead of the second 2.00-it was trying to give it to me for b1g1f instead of takeing the 4.00 off for 2 boxes.

airbornewife said...

This happened to me today at Target. I had two of the $2.00/1 Dry Idea coupons. I asked the clerk if he got both of my coupons, he said yes.. when he handed me my receipt and I started to walk away, I noticed only one scanned. I told a guy who I am familiar with that is in Guest Services, he took me to another register and refunded my $2.00. I ALWAYS check my coupons before leaving.. if I leave, I'm sure to forget and not come back for my money.

cksknitter said...

Last week at Target, I had a total of 21 coupons. I wrote my initials on the back of each one just in case, but the cashier didn't miss any.

Meagan Akers said...

This happened to me at Target. I handed the cashier probably 10 coupons and he sloppily went through them...missing 2 $3.00 off coupons! I asked him if he scanned them all and he said he did. I just walked right up to customer service after going over my reciept and got my $6 back! lol. This happened to me at a local grocery store too with two $5 coupons.