Thursday, April 9, 2009

Works for Me

Works for Me Wednesday Thursday
Shelly had a great "works for me" tip. She uses the colored computer paper (her son brings home from school) to print off her coupons. As long as there is not a staple, sticker, etc. it runs through her printer just fine. She prints her coupons on this colored paper (I have not heard of this being a problem before) and has a different color for each store. This makes it easy to sort through the coupons.
Thanks, Shelly
If you have a works for me tip, let me know and perhaps I can post your tip to share with others.

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carriejdean said...

I had trouble at my local Walmart last Sat. b/c my coupons were printed on light pink paper. The floor manager wouldn't take them b/c she thought it was a "scam"...I had them take off everything I was purchasing that I had a coupon for and left and called and spoke to the store mgr. I explained to him I wasn't trying to scam anyone; it was just the color paper that was in the printer...he said they'd accept them in the future and I got his name to give the cashier if it ever happens again.