Thursday, May 21, 2009

All You Magazine - 1 Year for $10

Amazon now has All You Magazine (1 year) for $15. However ,when you check out you get an additional $5 discount! This is a great deal. Take advantage of it. As I have told you earlier, this is the ONLY magazine I PAY to subscribe to...the coupons alone far out way the price of the magazine. I am not sure how long this deal will run
Click the icon below.
Thanks, Chief Family Officer for the heads up.


Kelli England said...

I had a $5 amazon GC from swagbucks so I only paid 5 bucks for a years subscription!!!...WHOOOHOOOO!!!

alan said...

moneysavingmadness had a deal of two years for $18.

PLD said...

Great, thanks for sharing!

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Laura said...

Just ordered it too, thanks for the suggestion.
Will keep ya'll posted