Thursday, May 7, 2009

FREE CPR Training

Mama Cheaps has information on how you can learn infant/child CPR online for FREE!
Go Here.
Thanks, Mama Cheaps.

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know as a health care worker that the course being offered for free that people taking it need to be aware that it does not appear that he is accredited by the American Heart Association so it is hard to say whether the techniques being taught are being taught correctly. Also, anyone who may to do this to try and use it will not be recognized as being CPR certified. So, yes it is great they are offering a free "heads up" class but if these techniques are used on someone other than your own child, these people take the chance of being sued if the CPR is done incoreectly and harmed the child. I would hate for anyone to take this course and get false impressions or worse harm a child because it was done improperly. I'm not insinuating that what this man is teaching is wrong or improper but I personally don't trust anything not accredited by the American Heart Association. I understand how hard it is for parents to get to the class but I would pay anything and get a babysitter if it meant saving my childs life. I've had to use the Heimlich a few times and thankful I was certified. Just thought I would let you know. Thanks.