Thursday, May 21, 2009

Make $22.01 with

Print Postage From Your PC

Check out this amazing offer - thanks to Moms by Heart for letting me know abut it.
1) Go Here and sign up for a 4 week Trial to - this gives you $5 in FREE postage.
2) At the bottom of your check out screen (when you put your name and address) add the bonus code 382ZA.
3) After your 4 week trial, you will be able to mail a post card to for $10 in additional FREE postage (this post card comes in your starter kit) and you also get a $25 Shell (Gas) Giftcard.
5) Your trial was only one month long so you will have to pay $17.99 for your second month.
I recommend at toward the end of your first month's trial, you call them and ask about your Shell gift card and $10 extra postage. This requires keeping a calendar to mark cancelation dates if you are not hapy with the service.
Total out of pocket: $17.99. Money made: $40
Total profit: $22.01
FYI: I HAVE done the trial offer at and had great sucecss.

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