Monday, May 11, 2009

Walgreens RRs (Register Rewards) - Followup

I can see a lot of you are frustrated about Walgreens policies. I too am sad to see the Easy Saver Program go, I too am confused about what is going on with their RRs (Register Rewards.)
After a couple phone calls to Walgreens (corporate) I was told to call my local Walgreens to see just what was going on. Instead of calling, I knew to go in and visit my local store - I am fortunate that my local store has a very friendly staff and manger.
Here is the scoop I got: 1) The Walgreens RRs sytem was not intended or made for you to use an RR to get another RR. Basically, you need to use your RRs to buy non RR items (EVEN IF they are differnet brands.) I told him I have never had trouble with an RR printing, even if I paid with many RRs. He said sometimes there are kinks in the computers, but this is not what RRs are made for (recycling of RRs.)
Here is what I propse you do about it if this upsets you: I know this upsets a great many of you because at Walgreens competitor stores (namely CVS) you DO NOT have this problem. You can use ECBs (Extra Care Bucks at CVS) to buy more ECB items - even ECB items that are the same brand/manufacturer.
I suggest your write or call your concerns:
1) Call: 1-800-WALGREENS
2) Write: Walgreen Co.200 Wilmot RoadDeerfield, IL 60015
3) Email: Here


katy said...

Thanks for the info!!! I don't like it, but at least I am can now make an informed decision about weather I want to continue shopping @ Walgreens or not :-)

Anonymous said...

thanks for taking the time to check this out. I, too, am disappointed - and my favorite WAGS lady will be, too, since she looks forward to seeing what deals pop up. Have emailed WAGS =- let's hope they fix this problem

Cadance said...

Am I understanding this correctly....Walgreens is quiting the Easy Savers Program? I just started it a few months back and love having my saving loaded onto a their gift there not a new months coupon booklet coming out in the store...I have not been in yet this sad if this is true...I was just getting the hang of how it all worked!

Claudia's Irish Eyes said...

Thanks for listing this contact info, I just emailed them and I hope many others do to.

Angie.. said...

so far i hve not had any problems with useing the RR to get more RR but i hve not been in the store this week. It did work for me last week. Is this something that just started this week? I hope they fix it soon. If thats the case then i wont be purchaseing anything from walgreens unless its absolutely something i will use. CVS will get all my bussiness.

Frugal Coupon Living said...

no more easy saver program.

Savvy Coupon Shopper said...

I e-mailed the company, regarding the RRs, about two weeks ago. Corporate just forwarded it to my local WAG manager & he called me. He said that he had not been made aware of any changes. He said that he did speak with one of his assistants about RRs not printing and that his assistant said, "It just happens sometimes." The assistant informed the manager that she either voids the transaction or refunds the item(s). Then she re-rings it/them on a different register and then usually the RRs print out. If not, she gives the customer Catalina's phone number. The store manager said that he'll take the extra voids/refunds in the name of customer service. I have to say that he has done an excellent job of responding to my two concerns (even though I really wanted a corporate, set-in-stone policy response) and I let corporate know so.

Tonya said...

I've been doing this just long enough that I have received my 2nd EasySaver gift card. Not sure why they didn't just reload the 1st one, but it seems to be a Wags thing that there is no policy regarding RR or coupons, it just depends on which Wags you go to and who your cashier is. A few weeks back I was told they couldn't adjust my Ecotrin Q down because that was "coupon fraud." Yes, I placed a call to corporate and had the store manager call me and she issued a $10 gc. Now today when I went in to that same store, I was told 1 RR per transaction, couldn't be used with mfg coupons and they wouldn't take 10/50c off q for 10 bottles of Vitamin Water because the Q said "one per purchase." We all know one purchase is one bottle, but this cashier (bless her heart) insisted it meant per transaction. I am using up my RR and wont be back in Walgreens unless there a FABULOUS deal I just cannot live without.

Aubrey said...

I was in Walgreens today and used my RRs from a deal last week to buy the Colgate toothbrushes this week, and had no problem with the RRs printing out. However, I have decided that I am only going to shop at CVS once my RRS and gift card are used up. Walgreens has so many more rules, and I think CVS is just better all around. Besides, I have so many things from stocking up, that I don't need to do both stores.

lostsanity said...

I went and my rr for the colgate toothbrush did not print :( But another one printed. ugh! I missed the colgate not printing as my kids were having a meltdown. I have to be added to the list of not shopping at walgreens as much. WAY too much hassel! I had to pull out some corporate e-mails for them to use a coupon that was over the amt of purchase. Why can't they have one set policy and let all employees know about it!!!?

Too bad I don't have a cvs or I defanetly would not be going back to walgreens.